E-Update: Blessing in the Chaos

By Pastor M. Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor

(posted 2/7/2019)
This week in worship Sarah Breckenridgewe will hear about Jesus calling out the demons that have been haunting and hurting a particular man (Luke 4:31-37), a man whose life has been in chaos. It fit perfectly with a blog I have just read by Jan Richardson and I want to share what she so beautifully wrote and spoke volumes to me, with her accompanying poem:

Is there some part of you that has become bound—that recognizes what is holy and craves its blessing, but fears the change that would be involved? Is there a habit, a belief, a relationship, an aspect of your life that has you in its grip, that confines you, that limits the freedom with which you move through this world—perhaps without your even realizing it? Can you imagine what release would look like? Is there a destructive force at work in a person or system or institution you’re connected with, that you might be called to engage? Can you identify a first step that would help you confront what confines you or those around you?  Read more.

Blessing in the Chaos

To all that is chaotic
in you,
let there come silence.

Let there be
a calming
of the clamoring,
a stilling
of the voices that
have laid their claim
on you,
that have made their
home in you,

that go with you
even to the
holy places
but will not
let you rest,
will not let you
hear your life
with wholeness
or feel the grace
that fashioned you.

Let what distracts you
Let what divides you
Let there come an end
to what diminishes
and demeans,
and let depart
all that keeps you
in its cage.

Let there be
an opening
into the quiet
that lies beneath
the chaos,
where you find
the peace
you did not think
and see what shimmers
within the storm.

—Jan Richardson

May you give and receive a blessing that will help you and yours enter more deeply into wholeness.  See you in worship!