E-Update: We Invite You to Easter Worship!

By Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 4/17/2019)
This is it! Michael D. CarlsonThis is the week we look forward to all year. This is where our faith and our hope and our joy come together in worship as we enter into the story of Jesus. From Maundy Thursday to Good Friday through Easter Sunday, this is where Jesus conquers death and promises you and me everlasting life!

I invite you to worship. I promise you it will be life-changing, life-encouraging, and life-giving. On Easter weekend we have 12 worship services. Go to one of them. You’ll be overwhelmed with joy and the love Jesus has for you. I promise.

Here is a list of the powerful worship opportunities over the next few days. Share this with your friends and family, forward it to others, and invite them. Come and be loved. Happy Easter, everyone.