E-Update: What Does It Mean To Heal?

By Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor

(posted 4/4/2019)
Have you ever wondered Michael D. Carlsonabout healing? On one level, healing is very biological. If you get a cut on your hand, the blood dries, a scab forms, new skin grows and after some time, it heals. Perhaps a scar remains, but it heals. A broken bone is the same story – a break, a cast, and the bone mends. Illness is similar. Some illnesses need medical attention and some do not, but most heal. Our bodies are fascinating.

Our spiritual self needs to heal as well. It is possible to absorb spiritual pain, loss or trauma that rests deep within us. It, too, is in need of healing. For thousands of years the faithful have turned to the church for healing. And the mystics and faithful have always professed that physical and spiritual healing have coexisted in the same space. I must say I am a true believer that healing the spirit has a direct impact on healing the body. For they are truly one.

This ancient rite of healing and anointing of oil predates the written word. The church has used the laying on of hands and anointing of oil as a reverent prayer for the whole person to experience the healing power of Jesus Christ.

This Sunday we will be inviting our congregation at all services to experience the healing power of God in the laying on of hands and the anointing. We invite you to bring your friends who may be in need of healing for themselves, people they know, or for the needs of the world. Our biblical witness invites us to bring our weary spirits to God and ask for healing.

We do not know how healing works or what happens in healing. We just know that God invites us to rest in the promise of the abundant life of a God that cares about our suffering. All services this weekend will have a message about healing and an opportunity for those who wish to receive a prayer and anointing. Come and know that you are loved.