E-Update: Prayer

By M. Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor

(posted 3/13/2019)
In the Gospel of Luke Sarah Breckenridgethis year we will hear again and again of Jesus going off to pray. It was a part of his routine. So I invite you to join Jesus and take on creating your own prayer routine as part of your Lenten journey, for prayer opens us to God’s presence, power and will. It is a gift to converse with the maker of heaven and earth, the one who loves you completely.

I share with you an answered prayer, an invitation to pray, and a prayer for you today. My prayers are with you! See you in worship!

1) Answered Prayer
(from a shelter guest who experienced our community as an answer to prayer)
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, support and guidance you provided our family. I didn’t know where to start or how to even put the pieces of our messed up puzzle together. You have been so genuine, so loving, so caring… You, and our faith in God through our prayers are the reason why we are where we are! Thank you so much for everything you did for us!

2) Pray with a Pastor
Please contact Lisa Weyrauch (lweyrauch@saintandrews.org or 651.762.9103) to schedule a time to pray with a pastor. There is power in praying with someone and sharing your burdens and joys. We also have a guide to prayer, written by Pastor Straiton, always available in the prayer chapel in the Sanctuary.

3) A Prayer for You This Day
Open our hearts to you, Source of all Souls, you whose love dwells within and among us.
Open us to believe how fully we are welcomed by you each moment of our lives.
Open us to carry our union with you to those who are a part of our daily encounters.
Open us when we are weary, when we resist, when we forget, when we doubt, when we are anxious.
Open our hearts to full confidence, to the trust that we are enough and have more than enough love to give away.
Open, open, open us to the journey of love that is ours this day and always.
~ Joyce Rupp