E-Update: You Are My Shining Star

by Pastor M. Sarah Breckenridge, Executive Pastor
(posted 1/17/2019)

“Lord, let your light, light from your face shine on us.
Lord, let your light, light from your face shine on us.
That we may be saved, that we may have life,
to find our way in the darkest night.
Let your light shine on us!”
“Shine On Us” by Philips, Craig and Dean

In this season Sarah Breckenridgeof Epiphany, we do celebrate all the ways Christ shines into our lives, like that bright and glorious star that proclaimed his birth. And I don’t know about you, but who couldn’t use a little bit of light shining on them in these seemingly endless days of overcast skies and long nights of darkness?

Yesterday as the Sun popped out, nothing but a sigh of relief, a lightening of the heart, a desire to get outside and do something, even if the temperatures are dropping. I sometimes wonder if we are a bit like solar lights who need to absorb some light in order to give off light in those times of darkness.

We are told that we have the light of Christ within us. Yet sometimes I think we need to awaken to that fact, absorb the truth of it, so that we can shine. And one of the ways I absorb the light of Christ is definitely through others. People are mini stars who show up and shine during the dark times. They remind us who we are, who God is, and the abundance of love and light that are ours to share. It may come through an affirmative word, a loving touch, a text or note that lets us know they are thinking of us.

So today let us not only find ways to absorb God’s light and love in our lives — no matter how we do that best — but let us, regardless of how we are feeling, purposely shine into someone else’s life. May they absorb some of the love and light of Christ in the places of darkness they are experiencing.

Here is an easy way to do just that. Send the photo below (one of my favorite Christmas ornaments) to someone today. Brighten their day. As a result, I know you and the whole world will feel a bit brighter, regardless of the weather outside or conditions around us.

Shine people shine!